If you want a good dose of the deep south then this is the book for you – it’s mainly set in Savannah, Georgia with a few short trips to other locations. It covers the past and the present, dipping in and out of the reasons why the main characters have found themselves where they are today. It’s a story of love, loss, secrets and second chances with a few twists and turns thrown into the mix to make this silghtly more unpredictable. It’s a great summer read or something to pick up when you want some downtime.

I can pretty much say that I will pick up any of Tasmina Perry’s books and love them all. There’s something about each one that just makes it worth reading. In fact I’m going to start collecting and reading them on my upcoming holiday… I’m sure I’ve delved into a few and just haven’t managed to review them yet.  Check our her Novel Inspiration for this book…

If you enjoyed: Anything by Sante Montefiore then you will LOVE Tasmina Perry’s books.

Published: August 25th 2016

Publisher: Headline Review – Headline Publishing Group is a British publishing company. It was founded in 1986 by Tim Hely Hutchinson.

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