Gillian Harvey is one of my ‘go to’ Authors for varied and relatable characters, beautiful settings, overseas adventures and much much more. Based in France having relocated from the UK herself, she is very methodical and accurate with what she writes in her books. She always brings reality to the chapters and uses her knowledge and research to highlight the challenges of relocating a life to another country.

This is perhaps my most favourite of her books published so far, and they’re all my favourites. But this is a book about books, and that just about trumps it all. The Bordeaux Book Club has an eclectic mix of characters, wine, book club chatter and warmth. This is a book for ex-pats, bibliophiles, and everyone else just contemplating life too.

There’s humour, heart-break, wisdom, a beautiful escape but the challenges that come with it too. It’s a brilliant read and one to add to your list for this year.

About the Book

When Leah and her husband moved to France, it was with the dream of becoming self-sufficient. But in truth, it’s not the ‘good life’ she’d imagined, as three hours of digging barely yield a single straggly carrot. Worse, her teenage daughter is acting up, and her husband seems to find every strange excuse under the hot French sun to disappear.

So when her friend entreats her to join the new bookclub she’s forming, Leah decides it’s something she will do for herself. The chance to make new friends, to drink a few glasses of wine, and to escape into stories that take her miles away from the life she’d thought would be her own happy-ever-after.

But the book club is a strange group of misfits. There’s prickly Grace, who lives alone and seems to know everybody and like no-one. Buttoned-up Monica, who says her husband is away and appears to be parenting her baby all alone. Handsome builder George, who has barely read a book before. And Alfie – who is a full two decades younger than everyone else, and is hiding a devastating secret…

As the stories they read begin to bring the new friends closer together, Leah is about to discover that happy-ever-afters don’t always look how you expect them to…

About The Author

Gillian Harvey is a freelance journalist and author who has written for the Guardian, The Telegraph, the Independent and the New York Observer as well as lifestyle magazines including, Woman’s Weekly and People’s Friend. Gillian lives in Limousin, France with her husband and five children.

Photo credit; Gillian Harvey

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