September is a lovely month – I think I’ll make it to my sixties and still have that ‘Back to school’ feeling. The urge to wear scarves, hunt down crisp leaves and shop for stationery is high. For me this month is really important because it’s actually the first time since I was four years old that I won’t be in education. To put it into perspective, I’ve turned thirty this year and I have just (with great relief) finished my second (and last) University Degree. Results aren’t due until the end of October but I am well and truly finished with essays, deadlines, tutorials, tutors and reading guilt. And my ‘to be read’ pile really needs some attention…

So this month, Rebecca Reid, Alice Feeney, Ann Patchett, Adele Parks and Cass Green are the authors on my ‘to read’ list from my NetGalley and advanced copies collection. I’ve actually already read a couple of them so hopefully the list will grow and I’ll exceed my goals – but let’s start off realistically..

There’s a definite pattern to what I want to read this month looking at those titles and covers – but perhaps the anomaly is The Dutch House by Ann Patchett. I really loved reading State of Wonder by Patchett and I’m hoping that her latest book will just as good, if not better. I’m definitely in the mood for some psychological thrillers as well… can you tell?

In complete comparison, my reads for ‘fun’ this month are very different. (By the way, I love reviewing, it’s just as fun – but it’s nice to choose something a little different each month to break it up a bit.) Elin Hilderbrand, Caroline Hulse and Nancy Thayer are joining my September list… Although I’m in full on ‘Autumnal’ mode I’m still clinging to the last bits of Summer in the literary world and so my paperback reads include the following…


So it’s a bit of a mix this month – I’m also hoping to expand my poetry collection as I recently stumbled across Nikita Gill’s work after many years of losing touch with it. Oh my gosh… a whole other blog post is needed for her writing and I’ll get to that soon. But in the meantime, her latest collection is out this week ‘Great Goddesses’ and is a collection of life lessons from myths and monsters. (Pre-order now!) Poetry is never something that I can read all in one go so it’s not on my list of goals to complete this month – but instead I’ll share thoughts and snippets. Poetry, for me, is something to be devoured when needed most.

great goddesses


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