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Grace Soudley’s life is coming apart at the seams. Recently divorced, she is still living in the beautiful yet crumbling old house her godmother left her, but unless she can find a fortune, the house will disintegrate around her.

Artist Ellie Summers’ life is unraveling too. She’s pregnant, but her boyfriend is less than enthusiastic about parenthood, and her parents are not exactly inviting her to move back home. She has to come up with a new plan. Fast.

Ellie needs a place to stay; Grace needs a lodger. Each of them needs a friend, and together they begin the work of fixing up the house. But then an unexpected and disconcertingly handsome man arrives on the scene, apparently determined to help.

Every once in a while it’s nice to read a ‘chillout’ kind of book. One that doesn’t require too much thinking, easy to put down and pick up again, light hearted with a touch of humour… and as always Katie Fforde delivers on that! I read a review about Katie Fforde’s books that insisted people should only read them in the Summer and about two years apart… I think that’s a fair summary actually!



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