one minute later

Vivienne Shager has a life to be admired – beauty, popular, high flyer with a powerful job…she is painted as having everything… And then, in a moment, a minute, everything changes. Vivi has to change, adapt and her whole life shifts back to her childhood home, to the people that she grew up around and to a new chapter in her life.

As this book was coming to an end I felt like it may have that happy ending that defies the odds. It doesn’t. And the reality of this is what I praise Lewis for addressing. Not everything has a happy ending, but all the endings that lead to that moment can be happy in their own way and this book explores that.

The book has simple prose, it’s easy to get into and easy to follow, it’s not the best book that I’ve read by Susan Lewis but it’s definitely up there with the others and a firm four stars.

The only aspect of this book that I found frustrating was the Michelle/Shelley thing. Michelle is a lifelong friend, Shelley is a newcomer to Vivi’s life, in many ways. Why did they have to both have a similar name?  It was quite confusing.. for a good while I thought that Michelle was her grown up ‘present’ name and Shelley was her ‘in the past childhood name.’ They’re two different people!

This is an early review thanks to the publisher for a very advanced copy – this one isn’t out until the 11th June 2019.


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