Meet me at the Surface is an astonishing debut novel that will wrap you up, suck you in and keep you hooked right until the gritty end. It’s dark and gothic with a chaotic mix of toxic and messy female relationships with descriptions and lines that just sink into your bones and make you feel cold to your very fingertips. I. Loved. It. Books that make you feel atmosphere are extremely hard to write and this one had it spot on. I felt the darkness of the Cornish moors, the isolation of the tiny village, I felt the constant uneasiness of being alone in the dark – there’s grief, there’s history, there’s folklore, it’s just everything. A stunning debut.

About the Book

Everything that comes from the ground has to go back down… eventually

Merryn grew up on the wilds of Bodmin moor, raised by her mother and her aunt in an old farmhouse. Here, the locals never leave the village, fear for the future of their farms and cling desperately to the folkloric tales that are woven into their history. Except Merryn, who has escaped to Manchester for university, briefly untethering herself from her past.

When Merryn returns home for the memorial service of her ex-girlfriend Claud, she finds her childhood home stranger and more secretive than ever. She’s sure that her mother is hiding something. The villagers are hunting on the moors at night, but for what? And then there’s a notebook, found in an old chest of drawers, full of long-forgotten folklore that seems to be linked somehow to Claud…

About The Author

JODIE MATTHEWS is from Cornwall and lives in Manchester. Meet Me At The Surface is her first novel, and was shortlisted for the Bath Novel Award and the Blue Pencil First Novel Award 2021.[Photo credit; Madeleine Millburn]

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