Every book that Kimi Cunningham Grant has written captures then essence of the setting that it focuses on. Fallen Mountains is no exception, it’s full of the gritty darkness of a back-road story. It’s perfectly paced, perfectly written with characters and a storyline that will have you reeled in and hooked right up until the end.

‘You really never know people, not fully. People are strange. They hold onto things, they have secrets. And trust me we do things we didn’t think we were capable of, good and bad. All of us. People can commit all sorts of atrocities, even normal people, good people. Think of wars. How else could such barbarities occur, if the deep capacity to do evil didn’t exist in every one of us?’

The way that the secrets of the main characters are unravelled is incredibly tense. You can feel the tension in every page, every chapter. The small-town claustrophobic feeling of the book is strong – it’s a straight forward mystery with lots of depth to reach the culmination.

About the Book

When Transom Shultz goes missing shortly after returning to his tightly knit hometown of Fallen Mountains, Pennsylvania, his secrets are not the only ones that threaten to emerge. Something terrible happened seventeen years ago. Red, the sheriff, is haunted by it. Possum, the victim of that crime, wants revenge. Chase, a former friend of Transom’s, is devastated by his treacherous land dealings. And Laney worries her one thoughtless mistake with Transom could shatter everything she’s built. As the search for Transom heats up and the inhabitants’ dark and tangled histories unfold, each must decide whether to live under the brutal weight of the past or try to move beyond it. In Fallen Mountains , even loyalty, love, trust, and family can trap you on a path of tragedy.

About The Author

Kimi Cunningham Grant is the author of a memoir, Silver Like Dust (Pegasus 2012.) She is a two-time winner of a Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Memorial Prize in Poetry, as well as a Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship finalist. She’s also a recipient of a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts fellowship in creative nonfiction. Her essays and poems have appeared in RATTLE, Poet Lore, Tar River Poetry, Apalachee Review, Grasslimb, Whitefish Review, and The Tribe magazine. She studied English at Bucknell University, Messiah College, and Oxford University.

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