This was different… I love Sophie Hannahs books usually because they are set in the UK and I can then imagine a lot of the places being written about. But this one was about an English woman going to the USA to have a ‘break’ from her family. Then the mystery unravels from there… It feels predictable from the start but actually surprised me and I ended up wanting to read the book rather than initially resisting the idea of something by Hannah that didn’t follow her usual style…

Cara Burrows has had it with her family and decides to travel from her home in the UK to a five star resort in the United States. She cuts off all communication. She’s not abandoning them forever; she does give them a date of when she will be back. She has some things to figure out and she feels that this is the best place to do it.

When Cara finally gets to the resort she can’t wait to get up to her room to sleep. After checking in she makes her way to her room. But when she gets inside she’s in for a shock. The room is already occupied by a man and a young girl. At first she’s terrified but after proving she is who she says she is the man lets her go. The girl at the front desk is so horrified at her mistake that she upgrades Cara to one of the best suites the resort has to offer. Cara should be thrilled. But something is bothering her. For some reason she can’t get the girl in the room out of her mind. She looks so familiar…

She looks exactly like Melody Chapa. Cara thinks she must be wrong, it can’t be her. Melody has been missing for many years and was presumed dead. Her parents are in prison after being charged with her murder.

Is it possible that Cara actually saw Melody? And if the man realizes that Cara thinks it is Melody, could Cara herself be in danger?

Did she see Melody?

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