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Are you a seasonal reader? I never used to be, but the last few years of bookselling and stocking, reviewing and championing fantastic titles, has turned me into very much a seasonal reader. So I’ve put together a blog covering some of my favourites or great choices that I’ve seen highly reviewed, for you to dive into this October/November. Hopefully, whatever your genre of choice, there’s something here for you. I’ve included a selection that has Gothic/Suspense, Historical Fiction, Crime Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi, Contemporary Fiction, Romance and a few Classics. Read on to find your next read, most of which are available in our shop too!

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Is there a more Autumnal classic? “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” LOVE Emily Bronte and her quotes have featured prominantly in all things bookish, especially our Wedding. This Puffin Classic is part of the classics collection and my favourite of them all, the Cover is beautiful and revisiting this after many years is a must this October.

How To Destroy Your Husband by Jess Kitching

Jess’s second book is coming – How To Destroy Your Husband will be published in November and is described as a lighter suspense novel compared to her first. The Girl She Was Before is also another brilliant read and perfect for this time of year. We have it on sale at the moment in prep for book two coming!

The War of the Worlds by H G Wells

Perhaps a red herring of a choice, but Autumn makes me feel like curling up with the classics. Something I always say I’ll do, but never actually do. But I’ve made it my mission this year to revisit some much-loved favourites, The War of the Worlds by H.G Wells being one of them. I can still recall the first time I heard the soundtrack for the stage production, and then watched it. So so good. Reading the classic has always been on my to do lis

That Bonesetter Woman by Frances Quinn

Historical fiction fascinates me so much – and I heard Frances Quinn talking about this on Kate Sawyer’s podcast. It sounds like an incredible book and the reviews have been brilliant! If you’re looking for a brilliant female character look no further, the true story behind this is incredibly inspiring. We have signed editions with beautiful sprayed edges in stock and a complimentary bookmark too.

Verity by Colleen Hoover

ANY of Colleen’s books but most predominantly in this case… Verity. It’s a marmite book for sure, I’ve talked to people who have absolutely loved it and blasted through the pages, and those who really didn’t feel it was for them. I’ve suggested it to customers and friends, and warned some off too! This book is almost one of those ones where you can predict who will enjoy it and who won’t. There are moments when it’s just so full of suspense and so creepy… add it to your Fall/Autumn reading list this year, you won’t regret it. Hopefully.

The House at Helygen by Victoria Hawthorne

There’s a definite theme of well-loved writers heading to a new genre in this blog – and new names! Victoria Hawthorne is Vikki Patis – known for her psychological suspense and now her historical fiction! This is very atmospheric, gothic, and at times quite chilling. Beautifully written, beautiful setting and very compelling characters – this and Vikki’s Psychological Suspense books are well worth picking up this Autumn and getting lost in. Dark stormy nights are the perfect backdrop…

The Silent Child by M J White

Best-selling Author Miranda Dickinson published her first crime thriller this year – The Secret Voices. And coming up in November is book two in the series, The Silent Child. Atmospheric, suspenseful, a little chilling, book two is very dark… if you’re looking for a new crime series to read then this one is for you. M J White is Miranda’s pen-name for this series, and we’re very lucky to have beautifully signed editions in stock or coming into stock. Miranda has made them very unique just for our customers!


Marple top Down with Gold Signatures

A collection of short stories by beloved bestselling Authors has been published and has shot up into the charts, right where it should be! The first print run of Marple is simply beautiful with exclusive end-papers and all the Authors signatures embossed onto the hard front-cover. Agatha Christie has been truly honoured in this timeless collection.

Agatha Christie – Miss Marple

Which brings us nicely on to Miss Marple and the beautiful reissues! The whole collection of Miss Marple has been published in these beautifully designed covers – some of our customers have already set up a subscription to have one a month sent to them and I’m working my way through as well. Start with The Murder at the Vicarage – for a cosy mystery to curl up with this season.

Dreams Come True at Glendale Hall by Victoria Walters

Not an Author I’ve read yet but the reviews… my gosh! This is the 5th book in the Glendale series and after that cover hooked me in I went and had a read to see what others are saying. Victoria published her first cosy crime novel in 2021 but the Glendale Series firmly sits in the contemporary / romance / women’s fiction genres. Each book in the series has hundreds and hundreds of ratings on goodreads and each is well over four stars on average. With thanks to Victoria for permission to use this photo.

The Lighthouse Witches by C J Cooke

the lighthouse witches 3

The Lighthouse Witches was something else. Read in less than a day! This is definitely one for spooky/halloween reading. Full review over on the blog but to sum up – historical fiction, a remote Scottish Island, a deft gothic thriller with menace and intrigue.

And I’m pretty sure I’ll be recommending The Ghost Woods which is coming out in October and is C J Cooke’s newest publication. I’m halfway through an advanced copy and so far, loving it.

Practical Magic series – Alice Hoffman

Magic done right – by women! This is the much loved 1995 novel by Alice Hoffman that inspired the film of 1998. A beautiful trio of books with the fourth coming in paperback later this month. Fantasy fiction, bewitching, friendship, sisterhood and magic. Perfect for an Autumnal read. You could even arrange a subscription for the three books (with the fourth coming soon!).

The Bleeding by Johana Gustawsson

Johana Gustawsson is the Queen of French Noir and this, recently translated into English by David Warriner, is her latest novel. Beautiful sprayed edges, a signed bookplate and foiled detail, make this a stunning edition. Described as a dazzingly gothic thriller that swings from Belle Epoque France to 21st Century Quebec, with an extraordinary mystery at its heart, this is the first in a bewitching new series. Dark, vivd and so so cleverly told through three different time frames.

Unraveller by Frances Hardinge

A spell-binding fantasy from award winning Author, Frances Hardinge. This is the Independent Bookshop edition which we have, beautiful sprayed edges, details and just such an impulse buy but so worth it.

It’s a dark Young-Adult fantasy described as a richly-imagined gothic masterpiece. Our copy is a first edition too. Cosy accessories not included but what a book to curl up with and read this Autumn!

It Was Always You by Emma Cooper

It was always you by Emma Cooper Tesselation

Our October book club choice has been chosen because it’s warm, contemporary, beautiful and also… has something else added to it. Would you choose a different life if you had the chance? The concept of this book is very intriguing.

The theme for the box is ‘Time’ and we have beautifully signed paperback editions to include. So if you’re thinking about joining our book club, now is the time! Book club info here.

Our Child of the Stars by Stephen Cox

One of our book club titles this year was Our Child of the Stars by Stephen Cox – a beautifully written science fiction novel that almost defies genres to be a hybrid between contemporary fiction and sci-fi.

Our Child of Two Worlds is the follow up and is in stock signed in hardback, a brilliant conclusion to Cory’s story. This makes an excellent choice for reading this Autumn and a perfect gift or treat for your own shelf.

The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex

The Lamplighters is Emma’s debut under her own name; she is the author of several books written under a pseudonym. This is gripping, riveting and just beautiful.

The remaining few copies that we have are the Independent Bookshop edition with beautiful sprayed edges. Stunning foil detail on the front too. Check out our TikTok video for a little glimpse.

Ragdoll by Daniel Cole


A book club choice last year that all of us really enjoyed and it was great to meet Daniel early this Summer and chat about his books. This is the first in the Ragdoll Trilogy and is such a great book for any time of year but especially now. If you’re looking for an atmospheric standalone then look no further than Mimic by Daniel Cole also a brilliant choice.

For me the season is about historical fiction, gothic suspense, crime thrillers and the odd contemporary fiction to ease me into festive reading December onwards. For crime thriller series I would also recommend Chris Carter, Carla Kovach and Katerina Diamond. What would you choose?!

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