Iris Massey is gone.
But she’s left something behind.

Iris is a thirty-something year old woman and just found out she only has six months to live due to a deadly cancer diagnosis. She works for Smith, who owns a PR firm. Once Iris passes away (no this isn’t a spoiler, it’s in the blurb), Smith finds a blog that she kept for the last six months of her life. His business is struggling and he thinks letting the story of his best friend’s journey be published can help a lot of people. However, Smith has to get the OK from Iris’ sister, Jade. Jade and Smith become unlikely friends and develop a relationship through the love they had of Iris.

It was an interesting format to read – compiled of emails and messages between main characters, it was hard to follow. However the underlying humour and messages were great and that’s what kept this book going for me. Better format would be appreciated though!


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