Waiting five hours for an ambulance to arrive? Stuck outside A & E because the corridors are full? Or perhaps you’ve been waiting eight hours to be seen by someone even a little bit qualified? Whatever your situation is, this book WILL get you through. This book should, in all honesty, be on prescription to ‘cut down on the antibiotics’ or, instead of dog eared decade old editions of Hare and Hounds, these should be lying on the table in your GP surgery waiting room. It won’t cure your ailments but it will give you a second or two for just -thinking- about the life of the Junior Doctor who is about to treat you. This is one of those books that had me laughing and smiling at the craziness of it all, the fictional ambiguity of the situations the doctors find themselves in – LUDICROUS… oh wait, it’s the NHS. Damn.

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