the family upstairs

I picked this book up just before I started my revision plan for a Very Important Exam next week. Big mistake. I was reading well into the night to get this one finished and even at two AM for a couple of mornings. That’s the sign of a good book right there. Real life stops, meal planning goes out the window, you even forget who you are whilst you’re caught in the depths of a psychopathic thriller.

The Family Upstairs is a domestic drama combined with a psychological thriller focusing on both Henry and Lucy Lamb. Their lives spiralled into a nightmare after two strangers moved into their parents affluent home – and then a few more… and then before they knew it…well, I’ll let you read it to find out. But there are three dead bodies and a  ten month old baby to sort out…

So, when you begin this book, concentrate hard. The time periods are different and there’s a good handful of characters to get your head around. You might feel like you’re going mad and can’t keep up but it will all fall into place pretty quickly.

Like all of Lisa Jewell’s books – I read this quickly because I was gripped from the start and I really wanted to bring together all the loose ends and find out exactly what was going on. Lisa Jewell is in my little ‘black book’ of authors to keep up with. I really do mean it, I have a little notebook with a list of authors on just in case I get side-tracked into a bookshop in the middle of the day and need a refresher! I’m serious…And Lisa Jewell has been in that book for her lighthearted chicklit and now has moved firmly into the thriller/grime/family dramas section as well. She has mastered both wonderfully – often combining her talents for writing in either style to create a fantastic master-piece.

Publication date: Expected publication for this book is 8th August 2019 and it’s available to pre-order now!

About the Author: Lisa Jewell is a British Author of popular fiction. As she declares on her own Twitter, she has written seventeen novels and given birth to two children. She lives in London and mainly sits on her bum…! You can connect with Lisa on Twitter and Facebook.


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