I’ve read some fantastic books this month – and you’ll definitely see a theme! I was lucky to be given a handful of festive reads in exchange for reviews and blog tours which really upped my reading this month as I had more deadlines to meet than ever. My reviews of some of the books are due to pop up in the next few weeks.

I awarded a big mix of stars this month. Probably my biggest range yet! I really thought carefully about my 5 star reviews this time – the more I read the more it’s harder to find a book that truly deserves 5 stars and I try and reserve them for the best.

Across the nine books that I reviewed this week I’ve given a total of 35 stars. Some of the christmas reads have been lower on the scale but one of two five star reviews this month went to The Last Affair by Margot Hunt. I really loved this book. You can read more AND an exerpt here.

The Last Affair

The other went to The Silent Wife by Kerry Fisher. This was absolutely gripping and emotional – and I coudn’t stop listening to the audiobook version that I had. You can read more about my thoughts here.

The silent wife

I don’t know about you but December for me is absolutely the season for reading. There’s usually time (over Christmas) and the nights are darker and days colder. Once the christmas organising is out of the way for me it’s time to curl up with a hot cup of something and a good book. I don’t have my reading month planned for December (shock horror!) but I will be spending time picking books off of my book shelf to review and taking a break from reviewing in exchange for copies. I’ve saved a huge amount of money this year thanks to the generosity of some incredible authors and publishers – but I need to find my reading vibe again.


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