I really enjoyed this book although the first few pages were hard to get stuck into. It got interesting pretty quickly though and hooked me right up until the final few pages so that was a bonus! J.L Butler is the pseudonym for Tasmina Perry – I’m not certain why she writes under a different name as she has written this genre before, but nevertheless she is fantastic at what she does and this book is no exception.

Sinister, gripping, dark… these are just a handful of the words that could be used to describe this book. Female barrister ‘heroine’s’ are rarely written about and whether or not you think that Fran is going above and beyond her job role or just plain taking ridiculous risks – the tenacity of her character is there and shines throughout. The main characters are likeable and portrayed in such a way that you suspect them and admire them in equal bouts. This wasn’t a predictable book and that’s what helped to make it all the more unique and entertaining – humour, darkness and romance in equal abundance with a great twist at the end just when you think you’ve figured it all out…



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