just before i died

S.K Tremayne does it again. An intense, creepy psychological thriller set in the cold and bleak terrain of Dartmoor in Devon. S.K Tremayne always paints the scenery in a particularly masterful way, making you shiver with the chill as you read, and feel the remoteness even if you’re sneaking a few chapters on the busiest commuter train home.

Kath has been in a car accident and comes out of a coma having lost some of her memory. Her husband and daughter both appear to be acting strangely towards her and she can’t quite pinpoint why. There is secrecy and suspense surrounding the accident – and Kath feels like she is being watched.

Living in a remote location on Dartmoor, Kath tries to work out what exactly happened to her whilst also dealing with strange goings on in and around their home. Kath slowly begins to get her memory back and discovers that something more sinister is going on…


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