a matter of heart

A Matter of Heart is a short-story prequel inspired by some of the events covered in Megan Mayfair’s Tangled Vine series. This Novelette (I love that word!) focuses on two of the characters – Jill and Elliott – and goes back to explore how they met. It was good to read this short prequel not least because it was a refreshing angle to read about a different kind of romance and independence from being a couple. There’s a healthy dose of humour, history and romance and as I’ve never read anything by Megan Mayfair before I will definitely now want to go go back and read the Tangled Vine series!

Thank you to Megan Mayfair for this free e-book. If you’re interested in finding out more about Megan then head over to The Fiction Cafe Book Club (send a join request and do answer the membership questions) – on Sunday Megan will be doing an Author Live Event at 8pm GMT.

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