For my general blog post talking about this series please visit this page! The Summer Wind is the second book in Mary Alice Monroe’s five book series – Lowcountry Summer.

Book two in the series and again, this one didn’t disappoint. The series follows three half sisters and their Grandmother as they discover things about each other and the past that they never knew. It’s Summer once again and Eudora (Dora) is staying at Sea Breeze – the family’s ancestral home on Sullivan’s Island. Within this book we learn more about Dora as she progresses through a messy divorce and navigates a new diagnosis of Autism for her son. We also follow other key characters including Carson who has returned from Florida, and Harper who is surprised by an unexpected visitor. Lucille is battling a health condition and a storm is battering the Island – challenging everyone at Sea Breeze in ways they never prepared for. Even when you’ve finished this book you’ll find yourself longing for a seat under a tree in the garden on Sullivan’s Island sipping an iced tea.

There are some inconsistencies – I really do keep an eye out for them in a series! Carson was 34 in book one but is now 33…and Dora was married for fourteen years but has now been married for ten. The poor editing and consistency checking is a bit of a let-down but does not detract too much from the overall series.


1) The Summer Girls

The Summer Girls

2) The Summer Wind


3) The Summer’s End


4) A Lowcountry Wedding


5) A Lowcountry Christmas (Review coming December 2019)


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