This book was completely immersive and through her writing, Liz Moore really manages to convey atmosphere. […]
Described as a light and fun romance, it certainly hit the mark but there’s also something […]
This is my first of Stuart Turton’s books, not really being drawn to his previous. However […]
Sarah Crossan can say so much with so few words, and that is the incredible power […]
This isn’t a ‘Friends’ tell-all. It’s the life before, the bits during and what came after. […]
My only complaint is that this book ended! I could have read chapters and chapters more […]
I really enjoyed this from the moment it started right up until the end. This book […]
Nostalgic for childhood reading – picking this up again in celebration of the brand new re-issue […]
I was equal parts disgusted, horrified, shocked and in awe throughout the reading of this book. […]
Short story collections written by multiple Authors can be hit or miss – in this case, […]