Lucky Number 11 by Jess Kitching (Signed Book-plate Edition)

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Lucky Number 11 is a combination of the best bits of Chris Carter and Daniel Cole’s writing, with the twisted hook of Freida McFadden’s style and then a whole lot of Jess Kitching added in to make it a perfectly pitched book that almost sits outside the parameters of any specific genre.  Your book will include a signed book-plate – fixed in the front pages. Dispatch will be as soon as the books are available which may be after publication day.

Published 25th August 2023

About the Book…

When Hannah Allen was fourteen years old, she was abducted by an elusive serial killer, Peter Harris. Intended to be his eleventh victim, she was his only survivor.

Ten years later, therapy and friendship have helped Hannah overcome the trauma of her past.

But then a body is found. A body bearing eerily similar injuries to Peter’s victims, complete with the numerical brand he forced upon his captives.

Soon it becomes clear that somewhere, someone is continuing Peter’s work.

Somewhere, someone wants Hannah dead.

You can read our early review here.

About the Author…

Jess Kitching is a thriller author originally from Bradford, England. She currently lives in Sydney with her fiancé.



Jess Kitching



Page Count



25th August 2023


Kingsley Publishers

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