Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani

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Very Valentine is about everybody – family dynamics, dreams, luck or lack of it… and how we negotiate it going forward. This is the first of three books about Valentine Roncalli and her family of shoemakers.

Published 4 Feb 2010

About The Book

After the mysterious disappearance of her fiancé, Alma Hughes moves to a remote island in the North Atlantic, where she hopes to weather her grief and nurture her ailing dog. But the strange town of Violette has mysteries as well.

Townsfolk say that the radio tower overlooking their town broadcasts messages through their home appliances, their dreams, even the sea itself. When lightning strikes the tower, illuminating the sky in a brilliant flash, Alma finds herself caught in the unexplainable aftermath of one of Violette’s deadliest storms.

As the sea consumes the island, threatening its very existence, the deaths and lost memories of the recently departed also devastate the community. Alma, with a unique link to the lost, may be the only one who can help them move on. But to do so, she must confront a tragic loss of her own.

About the Author

Jessica Bryant Klagmann grew up in New England, studied writing in Fairbanks, Alaska, and now lives with her family in northern New Mexico. Her work has been published in environmental journals like Whitefish Review and THIS IMPOSSIBLE BRIGHTNESS is her debut novel.




Adriana Trigiani



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Simon & Schuster


4 Feb 2010

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