Take What You Need: An Affirmation Deck for Tuning in to Your Inner Voice


This colorful deck includes 55 positive affirmation cards from the creator of @PositivelyPresent, artist Dani DiPirro!

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This vibrant and uplifting deck of 55 positive affirmation cards by popular Instagram artist Dani DiPirro are sure to inspire you every day.

Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools you can use to build a positive mindset, boost your self-esteem, provide motivation, and improve your self-confidence.

Each of these bright, colourful cards from the creator of @PositivelyPresent offers a quick and portable pick-me-up. Choose a card at random. Let the words resonate and focus on their meaning. Use them to set your intention for the day and repeat when needed.

Incorporating this simple practice can help you gain clarity, let go of fear and anxiety, and bring out your best self.

About the Author

Dani DiPirro is the creator of the popular Instagram account, PostivelyPresent, and the author of Everyday Optimism and Grow Through It. She has been feature in ELLE, Forbes, and Glamour. Dani lives in Bethesda, Maryland.